<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/180825105854.jpg?t=1563720339"><br>Stephan Rd Lot 62. Ready to enjoy 36.06 acres on Stephan Rd in Cedar Hills. Small structure which looks like an old western storefront which can be transformed into a tiny cabin or an outdoor kitchen or saloon. 36 Acs Tiny Cabin Driveway In Kingman AZ! This fully fenced property already has a circular driveway that curves around the outside fire pit area and returns back to the little building. The area is partially treed and surrounded by mountains and hills with 360 views to make you feel like you are OUT THERE, but you are only minutes from shopping! The real electric lines are still a distance away so solar is your likely electrical source. 36 Acs Tiny Cabin Driveway In Kingman AZ! You could set up your water system as water haul right away and drill a well in this location when your budget allows. This is a great lot for building your rural home, creating a vacation or hunting camp. Great views. Please visit our Cedar Hills Ranch Facebook Page! 36 Acs Tiny Cabin Driveway In Kingman AZ! <br>